Laps: Cases to Models to Complete Expert Systems

  • Joseph S. di Piazza
  • Frederick A. Helsabeck


Contrary to many prevailing approaches to knowledge acquisition, Laps, our expert-interviewing software, begins by soliciting cases from the expert, but it does not end there. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it interweaves knowledge gathering, organizing, and testing. Laps begins with a case in the form of a sample solution path elicited from the domain expert. This sample solution path is refined by a process called dechunking, which facilitates finding a model of the expert's reasoning process. The model guides the determination of the structure of alternatives tables at an effective level of abstraction. Once these tables have been set up, the expert is able to produce row after row on his own until a complete rule base is built. A rule generator currently produces rules in Clips or M.1 syntax.
How to Cite
di Piazza, J. S., & Helsabeck, F. A. (1990). Laps: Cases to Models to Complete Expert Systems. AI Magazine, 11(3), 80.